By Brett Mirman

8 signs you sweat excessively

If you sweat a lot (and we mean a lot), chances are you have hyperhidrosis. While hyperhidrosis is common (roughly 1 in 20 people experience it!), many individuals are never diagnosed — due to shame or embarrassment talking about their sweat openly with dermatologists, friends, or family. If you think you might sweat excessively, here are typical signs to look out for:


1. You sweat regardless of weather, exercise, or stimuli

2. Your sweat soaks through your clothing

3. You avoid physical contact

4. You sweat excessively at least once a day or multiple times a week

5. You're prone to skin infections like athlete's foot

6. You feel anxiety about the amount you sweat

7. Sweating disrupts your daily routine

7. It's hard for you to perform daily activities, such as writing on paper or opening doors