SUPERDRIP is transforming the way we care for our sweat, as the first sweat-focused consumer brand to combine efficacy and positivity. Our purpose is simple: to make perspiration more comfortable. Designed with excessive sweating in mind, our products take a proactive approach to sweat and odor relief all over the body, all while making you feel confident in your own skin.

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Our products are manufactured in the United States.

Not all, but some products, such as don't sweat it lotion contain aluminum sesquichlorohydrate—a cosmetic astringent that works to reduce sweating by temporarily plugging eccrine sweat gland ducts.

No, our products are free from: parabens, triclosan, phthalates, talc, perfumes, and synthetic fragrances. 

Our products are proudly formulated without animal-derived raw materials and are never tested on animals; only sweaty humans.

All SUPERDRIP packaging is recyclable. Once you finish don’t sweat it lotion, we recommend removing the lid from the bottle first before recycling. Follow your local recycling facilities guidelines and rules.


DON'T SWEAT IT lotion uses aluminum sesquichlorohydrate, an aluminum salt known to temporarily reduce activity in sweat glands.

This depends on how severe your hyperhidrosis is and how consistently you use the product. Some individuals will see results after a few applications; others will see effectiveness 2 to 4 weeks of consistent use.

DON'T SWEAT IT lotion is designed for external use on hands, feet, underarms, back, and chest. Do not use it on the face or intimate areas. 

DON'T SWEAT IT lotion is designed to alleviate both excessive sweating and odor. Since our product is formulated without perfumes or synthetic fragrances, feel free to layer with a natural deodorant (aluminum-free) for added odor protection.

Our product is naturally unfragranced, but contains natural ingredients like sage oil that might have a faint refreshing scent.

If you become pregnant or are currently breastfeeding, contact your doctor prior to using aluminum salts.

While not common, some bodies may develop a tolerance to SUPERDRIP. If this occurs, take a break from using products with aluminum sesquichlorohydrate or other aluminum salts.

Yes! SUPERDRIP can be used by teenagers. For children, we recommend you should consult with your primary care physician prior to children using aluminum sesquichlorohydrate or other aluminum salts.

As with any aluminum-based product, skin irritation may occur. You should avoid using product on broken skin. Irritation can also occur if too much product is applied at one time. If irritation occurs after proper dosage, wash the area thoroughly with soap and water and discontinue use.

Depending on how severe you sweat, you may find that the product can last anywhere from a couple of hours to all day. For places such as the hands that tend to be washed frequently, we recommend applying two times per day. Effectiveness varies for each person.

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